Prince George Sports Hall of Fame


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Prince George Sports Hall of Fame Society
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Induction criteria to Prince George Sports Hall of Fame


A. Athlete:

  1. Must have attained excellence at a national or international level of senior competition and performed in a manner to bring special honor and recognition to the City of Prince George.
  2. A person must have been born, attended school, or lived in Prince George for a minimum of 7 to 8 years
  3. An athlete must have competed in the sports listed.

B. Team:

  1. Same requirements as those of an athlete.

C. Coach or Builder:

  1. Must have lived in the community for at least 10 years.
  2. Coached, encouraged, and/or promoted any of the listed sports in the community over a period of at least 10 years or more.

D. Administrator:

  1. Same time requirements as a coach or builder.
  2. Actively assisted in the organization and promotion of one or more of the listed sports.

E. Professional Athlete:

  1. Same qualifications as an athlete, however the athlete has achieved success at the professional level.
  2. A professional athlete must have already completed, no longer competing in, his/her professional career.

F. Pioneer Athlete:

  1. An athlete who prior to the 1970s performed in a sport or sports at a high level and brought recognition to the City of Prince George. Consideration in this category will also be given to the athlete who has contributed to a sport/ sports at a coaching/ organizational level.

G. Official:

  1. An individual in this category is one who has officiated in a recognized sport over a period of 10 years or more. Recognition will be given to those who have assisted over the years with the instruction of game officials.

General Criteria

Individuals normally recognized are those who in many cases have retired from their particular field. It therefore goes without saying that those who have contributed something back i.e. coaching... to the community will be given preference over those who have not.

Listed sports would be categorized as those sports associated with the Olympics as well as other sports which may hold open senior national or international championships.

Teams that are selected are chosen for accomplishments made during the one year, not an era.

Junior teams, College [not University], and minor league teams are not eligible for induction into the Sports Hall of Fame.

Youth Athlete Awards

Separate to the above and in an effort to honor Athletes/Teams in the minor league/Junior/School category we have initiated awards which recognize these individuals / teams. A separate committee is in place to choose the individuals. They will be honored at our annual Hall of Fame banquet.

Procedure for election to the Sports Hall of Fame

Any person, team or builder/administrator may be nominated to the Sports Hall of Fame.
A nomination form must be completed by a member of the community or by a sports group. It must include a history of the nominee: the person’s background, achievements, medals awarded, etc. Letters of recommendation may accompany the nomination.

Where an athlete has won an Olympic or World Championship Gold Medal any waiting period is waived and the nominee is eligible for immediate induction.

Each nomination will be screened and voted on by the selection committee. The selection committee will be made up of at least 12 members, two of whom will be inductees of the Sports Hall of Fame. The selection committee will vote on the nominations and will also vote on the maximum number of athletes, teams and builders to be inducted each year.
If the person or team is not inducted into the Hall of Fame when they are first nominated, their names will be put forward for up to two years after the person or team has been nominated. If after this period of time the person or team has not been inducted then the name goes into dormancy for at least two years. After this period of time the person or team can be re-nominated.

The selection committee's recommendations for induction are final.

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